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  1. John Foxx ~ Quiet Splendour (this track was previously
    unreleased, and only appeared on a Foxx album in 2015)
  2. Jansen / Barbieri ~ Ringing The Bell Backwards
  3. Black tape for a blue girl ~ A Chaos of Desire
  4. Human Drama ~ A Single White Rose
  5. Tones on Tail ~ Lions
  6. Unto Ashes ~ Scourge
  7. Audra ~ You’re So Pretty
  8. Judgement of Paris ~ More
  9. Peter Ulrich ~ Life Amongst the Black Sheep
  10. Christian Death ~ Mother
  11. David Sylvian ~ Nostalgia
  12. Soul Whirling Somewhere ~ Soaked and Captured
  13. Pieter Nooten / Michael Brook ~ After The Call

Luxurious 12 page booklet created by former 4AD designer Timothy O’Donnell features exclusive Orphée Prose by Neil Gaiman (of The Sandman fame)!

Orphée ~ an introspective descent into the male soul

Grief-stricken, Orphée descends into the underworld. Incapable of following any path but the one his heart lays before him, Orphée descends with a song on his lips. Lost within thoughts of pain, sorrow and longing, he seeks an audience with Hades to beg the return of his wife ~ his lost muse. “Those who go beneath the surface,” Oscar Wilde once reflected, “do so at their own peril.” Yet Orphée’s descent is a journey into his secretive and well-guarded inner soul; for with his tender song, he hopes no less than to win the devil over. His song, of the most subtle and delicate nature, unearths the inspiration deep within.

Projekt’s newest compilation explores the ethereal nature of the male voice. Bringing together an impressive array of well-known artists, Orphée venerates the sensitive, introspective inner soul of the singer and the song.

Check out Orphée‘s little sister: Seireenia

Orphee was mentioned in the December issue of the English music mag “Q”.
Q: “I heard that a compilation album has been released on an American record label called Projekt which includes a previously unreleased track by John Foxx and tracks by former members of Japan, but can’t find any more information about it. Can you help me?”
A: “The compilation in question is titled Orphee and was released earlier this year. Alluringly billed as “an introspective descent into the male soul,” it re-explores the Orpheus myth via “the ethereal nature of, the male voice” and begins with a new John Foxx song called “Quiet Splendour”. Centering on his wordless, meditative vocals, it certainly proves he hasn’t got any happier since his days singing in the pre-Midge Ure Ultravox. Former members of Japan present, meanwhile, are David Sylvian (with old track “Nostalgia”) and Steve Jansen / Richard Barbieri, who collaborate on “Ringing The Bell Backwards.” The label, Projekt, specializes in ambient, goth-tinged electronica by groups called things like Ordo Equitum Solis, Vidna Obmana and Loveliescrushing. Isn’t it getting dark early these days?”

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