Attrition: The Jeopardy Maze (CD) #CDSale

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  1. A virtual angel
  2. Atomizer (custom mother)
    a greater self?
  3. Waste not, want . . . more
    for an antipodean pearl
  4. I am a Theif
    for somebody’s son, Cleveland, Ohio
  5. Dream Time collector
    for Mistress Elektra, NYC
  6. a virtual reprise
  7. (Hanging On To) The Thin Veil
    or hanging on to …
  8. “A few of my favourite things”
  9. The Illuminator
    I am the illuminator
  10. Have a nice time . . .
    for Naomi
  11. God save the Queen
    for Wendy Carlos…a little wind up

An eclectic blend of industrial rhythms, gothic atmospheres, classical, techno and rock influences – surreal texts and surreal textures. From darkness to light to darkness and back again. Founded by Martin Bowes in the early 80’s alongside bands such as SPK, Test Dept., Coil and Legendary Pink Dots, Attrition has found a hungry audience across the globe, fueled by a succession of high energy albums and many tours over Europe and North America. After fifteen years and twelve albums, Attrition now blends all their many influences with the culmination of The Jeopardy Maze. Uncompromising, yet accessible, but always unpredictable…

”Another outstanding effort by the UK duo of Martin Bowes & Julia Waller with assorted strings & additional musicians, helping. The overall sound on this collection drifts between the crisp electro-beats (with Martin’s newfound Clock DVA-esq vocal applications) and more cinematic instrumental – even classical – pieces in between. The female vocals are a lot more in the background on this release, with Martin’s excellent programming and production skills coming into the foreground. This is definitely one of the better releases out there right now.” (DANCE ASSEMBLY MUSIC NETWORK MAGAZINE)

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