Love Spirals Downwards: Flux (CD) (Out-of-Print)

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  1. City Moon
  2. Alicia
  3. Psyche
  4. Nova
  5. By Your Side
  6. Ring
  7. I’ll Always Love You
  8. Sunset Bell

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flux (fluks), n. 1. a flowing, continuous change, passage, fusion, or movement.2. a substance used to refine metals to form a molten mixture. 3. the genre-bending new album from Love Spirals Downwards.

Fusing their familiar style with updated breakbeats, Love Spirals Downwards’ sound coalesces into a massively layered textural workout. flux organically caresses your soul while electronically massaging your mind.

Inspired by ambient drum & bass, Love Spirals Downwards combines their trademark ether-bliss guitars and heavenly female vocals with a breakbeat rhythmic foundation. The result is flux , Love Spirals Downwards’ most advanced passage yet. Creating a style that is as much about mood as melody, Love Spirals Downwards continue their evolution beyond their "shoegazer," "dream-pop" roots.

flux brings Love Spirals Downwards to the forefront of contemporary electronica with a sound that is uniquely their own, beyond comparison or imitation.

flux effectively blurs the boundaries between electronica and pop music. More organic and human than most electronica albums, flux continues the Love Spirals tradition of creating music that is sensually soothing and sonically dazzling.

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  1. padmin


    Definitive Dreaminess: 100 Essential Dream Pop Releases
    The fourth and final album by Love Spirals Downward, darlings of the California ethereal set, broke stylistic ground for the duo of guitarist Ryan Lum and chanteuse Suzanne Perry. While the band’s earlier Projekt releases Idylls, Ardor and Ever stayed firmly within the subgenre’s melody-centered Cocteau Twins-influenced template, Flux incorporated skittering, downtempo trip hop and drum and bass rhythmic elements, oddly rendering their music even more intoxicating and opaque. Tracks like the peerless “City Moon,” “By Your Side,” and pulsating epic closer epic “Sunset Bell” felt like being trapped in a waking dream that you never wanted to end. -GF

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