Steve Roach & Roger King: Dust To Dust (CD)


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  1. Gone West 7:27
  2. A Daze Wage 6:13
  3. A Bigger Sky 3:19
  4. The Ribbon Rails of Promise 10:53
  5. First Sunrise 4:27
  6. Lost and Forgotten 10:44
  7. Snake Eyes 5:35
  8. Rain and Creosote 5:02
  9. Ghost Train 7:29

“Dust To Dust has the mystery and allure of 150 year old photographs of strangers whose eyes and stoic faces suggest a thousand untold stories.” – Mark Burby, ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine

What Drives A Man To Go West?

Dust to Dust is the creation of restless, ever-pioneering composer Steve Roach and native-Tucsonian Roger King, a seasoned studio guitarist, sound engineer and patent medicine man. Their music grew out of a series of easy-going get-togethers to “see what the hell might happen.” Roach and King soon discovered that growing up in the desert had mutually steeped them in the omnipresent influence of the Wild West in all its glory. Dust to Dust is western music in the truest sense. It is a bold step in a new direction: where sounds paint pictures with a range of colors drawn from the land, where stories are told with the instruments of old and new pioneers. Guitars, harmonicas and washboard rhythms find their place next to a wagon full
“The music feels like torn leather chaps that have been out on the virtual-trail for a while, making Dust to Dust one of Roach’s most melodic, yet gritty albums to date . . . It sounds like the musicians have strapped on six-shooters in a Sergio Leone spaghetti western.” (John Diliberto, ECHOES RADIO)

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From The Blaze

    Steve Roach took a different route to ambient country Western. Early in his career, he made a lot of synthesizer-heavy tracks, like Structures from Silence (1984), an album that has aged beautifully and gained credit as one of the fundamental ambient albums, or Empetus (1986), which was incredibly ahead of its time and could easily fit in with the sharpest ambient music coming out today.

    In the four decades since then, he has released a head-spinning number of albums — too many to count with ease. Last year, he released a beautiful album, Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York City. He’s actually put out seven albums since then.

    His catalog includes just about every variation of ambient music. Although, if you only listen to Dust to Dust, you mightn’t be able to tell that he’s explored anything other genre: It bursts with his dedication to the sounds, emotions, tropes, and images of the frontier.

    The authenticity of this endeavor is what makes the album so lovable. At times, you can almost feel a cowboy hat growing out of your skull. -Kevin Ryan

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