Attrition: Étude (Out-of-Print)

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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  1. Tune Up (1.02)
  2. Vigil/Scenario (a medley) (2.12)
  3. Dreamsleep (6.28)
  4. Feel The Backlash (3.49)
  5. Into The Waves (4.28)
  6. Cold Genius (3.56)
  7. A Girl Called Harmony (estranged) (5.26)
  8. Which Hand? (3.37)
  9. I Am (4.11)
  10. A’dam & Eva (refrain) (3.38)
  11. Cold Genius (sans vox) (3.33)
  12. Fate Is Smiling (4.32)
  13. Fusillade I (8.06)

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a classical excursion into the depths of the ATTRITION soul . . .

After fifteen years of releasing albums, the initial explorations of viola on 1986’s 3 arms & a dead cert led to only one possible conclusion: the recording of a completely classical album. Working in collaboration with Franck Dematteis, a long time admirer of the band and a member of the orchestra of the Paris Opera, Étude was given the life that was for so long only a dream . . . it is a collection of past ATTRITION pieces completely reworked and rearranged for viola, violin, cello, organ, percussion and voice, plus a cover version of Purcell’s “Cold Genius” to complete a very special work . . . album number ten (if you count everything . . .)

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