black tape for a blue girl: The Remnants ep

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  1. remnants of a deeper purity
  2. across a thousand blades (1996)
  3. en la mar ay una torre
  4. i have no more answers (radio edit)
  5. (for you will burn your wings excerpt)

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These tracks are now on disc 2 of the deluxe edition of Remnants of a deeper purity

A 4 song teaser for the 1996 remnants of a deeper purity album with three pieces unavailable anywhere else. This includes the album version of “remnants of a deeper purity, an edited mix of “i have no more answers,” a short sephardic acapella song sung by Oscar (which was integrated into the track “with my sorrows” on the album) and a different version of the 1996 club mix of “across a thousand blades” (IE; this is not the same mix that appeared on Cleopatra’s Goth Box compilation, this one has flute in the middle break).

Delicately intense, tugging at the soul. This disc reminds everyone why (over ten years and six albums) Black Tape for a Blue Girl has always been the premier american ethereal-ambient band…

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