black tape for a blue girl: remnants of a deeper purity (1-CD edition)

This album has been reissued in a deluxe 2CD edition and a 2LP vinyl edition

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  1. redefine pure faith
  2. fin de siécle
  3. with my sorrows
  4. for you will burn your wings upon the sun | MP3 excerpt – part 1 | MP3 excerpt – part 4
  5. wings tattered, fallen
  6. fitful
  7. remnants of a deeper purity |
    MP3 excerpt
  8. again, to drift (for veronika)
  9. i have no more answers | MP3 excerpt

The original single-cd edition. Packaged in a Jewel Box with large format 16-page booklet in tuck-box.

Download a pdf of the full lyric booklet

Deeply mesmerizing and melancholy passages, wrapped in the emotions of betrayal and salvation, searching for the deeper fragments of a truer reality — somewhere between sadness and hope. Overlayed intense vocals mix with rich cello and violin arrangements, creating the consummate modern day chamber orchestra whose maestro is our own inner soul.

“The ethereal, romantic sounds of Remnants is their richest work so far: tapestries of melancholic, often neo-classical music manifest themselves amidst waves of Rosenthal’s lush keyboards, haunting strings and the vocals of Oscar & Lucian.” – huh magazine

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Remnants of a deeper purity is an album of rebirth — the internal analysis and exploration that paves the way for a major upheaval. a realignment of balances. searching through the fragments of a past. paring experiences down to their essence. revealing the deeper core. the shattered filaments of truth and experience that will yet re-entwine to form a new highwire of ecstatic life. the album is the contemplation of betrayal (by others and of the self), the realization of a subterranean thread linking the past to current desire, the revelation of deep personal fears and insecurities…and the attempt to reintegrate all of this into an individual who can re-experience life and the beauty of existence. the lingering thought is ‘redefine pure faith’ so that we may yet re-emerge, renewed…” – sam rosenthal

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    From The Washington Post

    Devotees of more upscale forms of bombast may scoff at goth (or “darkwave”), but there’s little on Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s Remnants of a Deeper Purity that’s more lugubrious than a typical passage from Berlioz or Richard Strauss. Indeed, the 22-minute “For You Will Burn Your Wings Upon the Sun” is very much the symphonic tone poem, all straining strings and morose melody. And, since the group has neither a bassist nor a drummer, there are none of those annoying rhythms to irk the symphonic buff.

    Despite the violin, cello and harmonium, this quintet is equally indebted to the moody late-’60s art-folk of Leonard Cohen and Pearls Before Swine. Unfortunately, songwriter Sam Rosenthal has none of Cohen’s literary prowess. His lyrics read like a cross between Victorian doggerel and literary soft porn: “If only I could capture the essence of purity/ Reawaken me, entranced by flesh and lace.” Clearly, it’s just as well that such compositions as “Fin de Siecle” and the title song consist primarily of crypto-classical flourishes and pseudo-churchly vocal arrangements.

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