Arcanta: A Fool’s Cry (ep) (Maxi-CD)

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  • A Fool’s Cry
  • Desert Prayer
  • Maya
  • Via Dolorosa
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    Meditative, spiritual and liberating — utilizing elements of world, religious and classical musics to break through the pain and suffering of life, with glorious results. After the expressive opening track on the Excelsis compilation . . . Arcanta present the first taste of their unique music.

    From Napra Review:
    Fans of ethnic, choral, and religious music will enjoy this four-song debut EP from Arcanta. The group’s name means “ancient singing,” which the powerful Brother Tom more than amply supplies. His voice clearly becomes the center of attention on each of the tracks—it’s a rich, radiant baritone. “A Fool’s Cry” showcases its stark beauty as it ascends and descends through an intricate melody. On “Desert Prayer,” he is joined by other singers for a vocal collage with hints of Middle Eastern and Tibetan elements. “Maya” shows a folksier side to the group, and his voice finds a more conventional path, still floating above everything else with its power and presence. And Brother Tom even fits into the moody ambient clouds of sound on closing track “Via Dolorosa.” This EP is a teaser for their upcoming album, which one can only hope will be as good. – Brian Reeseman

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