Thanatos: An Embassy To Gaius (CD) (w/ Sam Rosenthal) #CDSale

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  1. Von Stauffenberg
  2. An Embassy to Gaius
  3. Leather Avenues
  4. Sickness Unto Death
  5. Death of an Angel
  6. Spanish Bombs
  7. Erich Honecker Scrapbook
  8. Liquidation
  9. Nothing to Lose
  10. All I Have Left
  11. Kingdoms for Cobwebs
  12. Collins & Something
  13. Fear & Trembling
  14. Janissaries
  15. God Equation
  16. Infinite in All Its Directions
  17. John Brown’s Body
  18. Memorium RF
  19. Jamais Pars
  20. Hell on the Water
  21. Cop Killer
  22. Sympathetic
  23. The Embassy to Gaius
  24. The Precipice

“Considering that Ogl’s low-to-the-ground readings of these songs makes them all the more real for their subtlety, Gaius winds up to be a truly affecting work.” (ALTERNATIVE PRESS)

“Thanatos are impressive for their ability to agitate. More than most industrial and metal acts and more than music you hate, Gaius will set you on edge” – EX CATHEDRA, Australia)

“Artistically speaking, Gaius is dead on…” – DEKALB COLLEGIAN, Georgia

“Thanatos creator Padraic Ogl strips down his sound even further, leaving only gleaming bleached bones. Few artists can create such compelling atmospheres with vocals and acoustic guitar alone, aided only by the occasional electronics from black tape for a blue girl’s Sam Rosenthal. But Ogl does this with ease, exposing a subtle beauty, leaving the lyrics to glitter in the pale light.” – Jo-Ann Greene AP Writer

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