Lycia: side-project — Bleak: Vane (Out-of-Print)

This item is out-of-print, and here for historical reasons.

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  1. the boiler room
  2. cold, black room
  3. the weather vane
  4. a crack in the window
  5. rain dance
  6. the top of the world
  7. grey clouds
  8. an endless view
  9. in vain
  10. burn
  11. one last breath
  12. sun beats hard
  13. deep blue sky
  14. darkness
  15. forever and ever

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Dense, Dark, and Chaotic musical passages from BLEAK, an off-shoot project from Lycia’s Mike Van Portfleet and David Galas. originally envisioned by Mike to explore the darker elements of Lycia (a continuation of the moods envoked by “A Brief Glimpse” or “The Body Electric”), David’s involvement adds a noisy chaotic element over the driving music and Mike’s deep vocals.

From Pandemonium Magazine:
Vane crafts beautifully gloomy soundscapes, bleeds away any hope of redemption, then dribbles doses of harsh vocals, electronic effects and clattering rhythms onto the carcass. terrifying by moonlight, thoroughly depressing in daylight, this is a supreme dark delight!

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