VA: a tribute to Black tape for a blue girl — Of these reminders (2CD)


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    disc 1
  1. Stoa: I wish you could smile
  2. Love Spirals Downwards: Could i stay the honest one?
  3. Faith & Disease: Overwhelmed, beneath me
  4. Sunwheel: Sky blue rooms
  5. Sunwheel: Reprise
  6. Lovesliescrushing: These Fleeting Moments
  7. Lycia: This lush garden within
  8. The Unquiet Void: Into the garden
  9. Stay Frightened: Of these reminders
  10. Eventide: Is it love that dare not be?
  11. Soul Whirling Somewhere: I wish you could smile
  12. Alio Die: A chaos of desire
    disc 2
  1. Attrition: Memory, uncaring friend
  2. Bleeding Like Mine: Into the garden
  3. Human Drama: This lush garden within
  4. Lycia: Across a thousand blades
  5. Thanatos: Jamais pars
  6. Love Spirals Downwards: Through sky blue rooms
  7. Faith & Disease: Is it love that dare not be?
  8. Stay Frightened: Could i stay the honest one?
  9. Bleeding Like Mine/Sam Rosenthal: Seireenien lumoama
  10. The Unquiet Void: The glass is shattered

Sam found a few copies of the original uber-rare original 2-CD box-set. 2 CDS in a nice hard-box, with the sticker. Please note that although they are in shrinkwrap, they have been traveling the country with Sam since 1995, so there might be some scuffs or dings.

“This set is a triumph that goes beyond the scope of mere words. It should stand as one of the year’s best.” – ALTERNATIVE PRESS

1994 — Inspired by seeing Love Spirals Downwards’ perform a black tape for a blue girl song live, Sam asked other artists to contribute their interpretations to this one of a kind compilation. Fourteen artists from the Projekt roster, guest artists from America & Europe, and even fans who create music in their home studios come together with strikingly different and beautifully personalized renditions of black tape for a blue girl’s touching ethereal-goth sound.

Concept, design, production • Sam Rosenthal
Original idea • Ryan Lum
Photography • Susan Jennings
Model • Anne Chen
released November 12, 1994

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