VA: a tribute to Black tape for a blue girl — Of these reminders (Digital)

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    disc 1
  1. Stoa: I wish you could smile
  2. Love Spirals Downwards: Could i stay the honest one?
  3. Faith & Disease: Overwhelmed, beneath me
  4. Sunwheel: Sky blue rooms
  5. Sunwheel: Reprise
  6. Lovesliescrushing: These Fleeting Moments
  7. Lycia: This lush garden within
  8. The Unquiet Void: Into the garden
  9. Stay Frightened: Of these reminders
  10. Eventide: Is it love that dare not be?
  11. Soul Whirling Somewhere: I wish you could smile
  12. Alio Die: A chaos of desire
    disc 2
  1. Attrition: Memory, uncaring friend
  2. Bleeding Like Mine: Into the garden
  3. Human Drama: This lush garden within
  4. Lycia: Across a thousand blades
  5. Thanatos: Jamais pars
  6. Love Spirals Downwards: Through sky blue rooms
  7. Faith & Disease: Is it love that dare not be?
  8. Stay Frightened: Could i stay the honest one?
  9. Bleeding Like Mine/Sam Rosenthal: Seireenien lumoama
  10. The Unquiet Void: The glass is shattered

“This set is a triumph that goes beyond the scope of mere words. It should stand as one of the year’s best.” – ALTERNATIVE PRESS

1994 — Inspired by seeing Love Spirals Downwards’ perform a black tape for a blue girl song live, Sam asked other artists to contribute their interpretations to this one of a kind compilation. Fourteen artists from the Projekt roster, guest artists from America & Europe, and even fans who create music in their home studios come together with strikingly different and beautifully personalized renditions of black tape for a blue girl’s touching ethereal-goth sound.

Concept, design, production • Sam Rosenthal
Original idea • Ryan Lum
Photography • Susan Jennings
Model • Anne Chen
released November 12, 1994

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