Lycia: Live (CD)

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  1. Intro
  2. A Brief Glimpse
  3. Nine Hours Later
  4. Fate
  5. The Facade Fades
  6. Pygmallion
  7. The Last Thoughts Before Sleep
    (Sun Beats Hard)
  8. The Body Electric
  9. Daphne
  10. Everything is Cold

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Dense, Stunning, Driving, Powerful, Intense Live renditions of LYCIA’s cathedral of sound. Recorded primarily in Los Angeles during 1993’s A Day in The Stark Corner Tour. Featuring 10 tracks of swirling gothic guitar and pounding electronics, with Mike’s whispered voice beckoning you into his stunning landscape of harsh extremes. Includes the previously unrecorded 18-minute epic “The Last Thoughts Before Sleep” (performed live only once in 1992 at Phoenix’s “Beautiful Noise” festival).

The album was recorded by Sam who remembers: “this was the first time a Projekt band toured. By the time of the L.A. Show, Mike and Dave had proven that Lycia could take to the road and pull it off. Later, for the Burning Circle and Cold albums, they would become road fanatics, but this album and tour has a very special place in my memory… In San Francisco, Lovesliescrushing opened. It was only a few days after Melissa had her baby, and a friend sat in the car with little Julian. Lycia came out later, and amazed their S.F. fans who have always been strong supporters of the band. In Santa Barbara, the great people at Tess put together a wonderful show for us, too bad we didn’t have time to walk to the beach. In San Diego, Closedown opened up and then Lycia blew away the crowd. Lycia did their first in-store appearance to a really large crowd at Fullerton’s Ipso Facto (so many people were milling about outside that the employees at the Taco Bell next door got scared and locked their doors!). Los Angeles was in a great venue called the Auditorium that was damaged the next year by the L.A. Earthquake. The music was just mesmerizing. Mike played guitar and sang, Dave played keys and drum machine (on later tours, Dave played bass and Tara the keys). The versions are different from their originals, and give you an idea of the possibilities of Lycia’s sound.”

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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