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  1. babysbreath
  2. teardrop
  3. Iwantyou
  4. fur
  5. dizzy
  6. plume
  7. burst
  8. tinkerwench
  9. charm
  10. moinaexquisitewallflower
  11. butterfly
  12. sugaredglowing
  13. glimmer
  14. youreyesimmaculate
  15. crushing
  16. bloweyelashwish
  17. precious
  18. darkglassdloieyes
  19. finger
  20. halo

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A classic mid-90s release in the shoegazer genre

“this tucson duo has that deep, crisp, loud, soft, fuzzy, simple, complex, plethoric, sound.”

A beautiful wrestling of noise… a demanding combination of isabelle’s ethereal vocals and alex’s tendency to blend saturated overloaded distortion from his 12-string guitar with aching polyrhythmic patterns. the result is “ethereal noise”: chaotic and innovative… gritty, choppy, stunning and beautiful. a sound that captures the sensation of falling, floating on a wave of sounds bleeding into one another like staining watercolors.

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From All Music Guide
The amount of bands My Bloody Valentine inspired (and sometimes more than inspired) throughout the ’90s is near endless, but there’s no question that some took that inspiration to a better place than others. Lovesliescrushing easily took it to one of the best; with all the chaotic yet beautiful frenzy of Kevin Shields at his most creative, yet with its own mysterious, dreamy goth air, the duo created an amazing sonic bomb with Bloweyelashwish. Using only a four-track recorder, multi-instrumentalist (and Cocteau Twins-inspired art designer) Cortez whipped a frenetic, echoed, and howling mass of feedback and noise at once terrifying and terrifyingly pretty, with only the occasional fragment like “Teardrop” and “Butterfly” hinting at calmer waters. Moments like the opening stuttering chug of “Iwantyou,” his voice serenely intoning the titular wish over the noise, the sprawl of “Plume,” and the heartbreaking chime and surge of “Sugaredglowing” are just three of the many strong points. The female singer here is listed as Isabel rather than Melissa Arpin, but whoever is singing adds the right sort of disoriented vocal glaze in the duets familiar — unsurprisingly — from Shields and Bilinda Butcher. On her own, as “Moinaexquisitewallflower” and other songs show, she more than older her evocative own. Perhaps the real sign that Lovesliescrushing has something is that it’s even more gone than MBV — many songs don’t even make the simplest concession to pop hooks, swathed in candy-colored noise that’s not unfriendly to the ear, but not conventionally hooky at all, as “Burst” and “Crushing” clearly demonstrate. It’s a marvelous testament to both performers’ abilities, but especially Cortez’s astounding way to make everything sound just perfectly right, that Bloweyelashwish can easily rival Loveless when it comes to thick, evocative music seemingly heard through antique glass, strange and beautiful. – Ned Raggett

Sounds Better With Reverb

The duo formed in ’91 with guitarist Scott Cortez (Astrobrite) and singer Melissa Arpin-Duimstra. ‘Bloweyelashwish’ is a mix of ambient and abstract shoegaze with loads of lo-fi charm. It’s been criticised for placing more emphasis on sounds than songs, but there’s loads of people who are just fine with that! And as it stands, it’s a much loved shoegaze classic.

Easily one of the most avant-garde interpretations of British shoegaze, Bloweyelashwish was the first product of Lansing, MI-based guitar maestro Scott Cortez. Like Brad Laner of Medicine before him, Bloweyelashwish was constructed almost entirely through a 4-track recorder in the lowest of lo-fi settings. While Medicine’s sound was harsh, distorted, noise-rock-turned-noise-pop, Lovesliescrushing creates a shimmering paletteofultra-ethereal noise that permeates every aural channel with a gloriously gothic glaze of guitar beauty. The 20 tracks on the record aren’t songs so much as semi-instrumental, distorted soundscapes, with vocalist Isabel’s choir-like vocals lending the only detectable hint of human warmth in an otherwise surreal, gothic world. This record is the soundtrack of a timelapse of a flower blooming and then dying. A classic of the genre.
“Babysbreath”, “Sugaredglowing”, “Plume”, “Moinaexquisitewallflower”, “Darkglassdolleyes” are all fantastic.

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  1. padmin


    Definitive Dreaminess: 100 Essential Dream Pop Releases
    This criminally overlooked duo’s debut album is a true masterpiece of atmosphere. At its core, bloweyelashwish is the graceful interplay of heavily reverbed guitar and angelic vocals conveyed through a tangled palette of genres (shoegaze, noise pop, ambient, drone). The concept is elevated to breathtaking heights through a haunting combination of lo-fi soundscapes, abstract layers, atonal droning, and heavily processed noise passages – and the results are nothing short of otherworldly. Captivating and occasionally unsettling, these songs come through like ghostly transmissions from another dimension. -AC

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