Eden: Healingbow

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  1. Our Scent Rides the Breeze
  2. Healingbow
  3. Melancholia (195K)
  4. Dreaming Among Stones
  5. Dreamwheel
  6. Weaving Woman

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This twenty-eight minute, 6-song release was Eden’s first for Projekt after leaving the English THIRD MIND label. This Australian band fulfills the promise of their Gateway To The Mysteries debut with a sound ALTERNATIVE PRESS described as Òmusic that explores the area somewhere between the monastery and the Druids outside. Taking us through old countrysides where the ancient beliefs still hold sway. With vocals that echo with the ambience of time and space, the interwoven melodies of gentle oceanic guitars, harpsicords and dulcimer string-struck rhythm, Indian percussion, and real and synthetic strings. Eden shows us that, for a time at least, the Middle and the Modern Ages have become as one.Ó The music infuses a prowling rhythm into Eden’s sound, coaxing Sean’s spiritual and powerful vocals. These songs do not appear on any other Eden Release . . .

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