Thanatos: This Endless Night Inside (CD) (w/Sam Rosenthal) #CDSale

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  1. Endless Night Inside
  2. Entangled: Our Bodies
  3. Necessities of Hell and Creation
  4. Not Just O.K.
  5. Brush Up
  6. The Wait Smothers Me
  7. Moon of Dying Grass
  8. Tel Meggido
  9. The Cobra School of happiness
  10. Don’t Fear the Reaper
  11. My Love is Death
  12. What Happens Next
  13. Things Fall Apart
  14. Rain
  15. Oh No
  16. Moon Over Jerusalem
  17. The Shattered Sky Now Settled
  18. Red Rocks, Coyotes
  19. Connie
  20. Thanatos
  21. Love Me Do

1.1.2010…. Sam writes: “We heard a lot of comparisons to Current 93, when this album came out back in 1993. I had no idea who C93 was. We billed this as: Dark-folk with strong emotional stirrings. Now, 17 years later, I hear the neo-folk leanings on this album.”

Guitarist/vocalist Padraic Ogl’s tender acoustic work integrates with black tape for a blue girl’s Sam Rosenthal’s intense, sometimes harrowing electronics on these songs of Love, Death & Ennui. Recorded in the same era as Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s This Lush Garden Within. In fact, the title track for that album was from the sessions for This Endless Night Inside, but Sam decided to incorporated into the other band!

Formed in a makeshift Florida home-studio in 1982, Thanatos waited eleven years to be realized on CD. Like Black tape for a blue girl, Thanatos possesses a serious intensity; yet also sports a wry sense of humor, sometimes in its contradictory mixture of lighthearted music with dejected, self-destructive lyrics; and with its unlikely cover songs (such as KC and the Sunshine Band’s “That’s the Way I Like it”, on the FROMACROSSTHISGRAYLANDNO.3 compilation). With lyrics by both Sam and Padraic, Thanatos finds its bearings discussing existential dilemma such as death, inaction, love . . . and that inevitable source of inspiration, Middle Eastern political upheaval.

Read an interview with Padraic Ogl about Thanatos and the 20th anniversary of This Endless Night Inside.

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