Love Spirals Downwards: Idylls (Out-of-Print)

This is the out-of-print original jewel box edition. There is a remastered digipak edition, here.

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  1. Illusory Me
  2. Scatter January
  3. Love’s Labour’s Lost
  4. This Endris Night
  5. Forgo
  6. Eudaimonia
  7. Dead Language
  8. Stir About the Stars
  9. Noumena of Spirit
  10. Ladonna Dissima
  11. Drops, Rain, and Sea
  12. Waiting for the Sunrise
  13. And the Wood Comes Into Leaf

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Love Spirals Downwards are the unconscious mind of ethereal music, evoking forgotten memories with subjective, alien tongues. The sounds drift dreamily through one’s thoughts like incense permeates the air — perhaps the spicy fragrance will seduce you like a lover to its heat, or else it will elude the threshold of perception and weave itself into the mind’s strata of buried experiences . . . The result of this Easternish atmosphere, with delicate guitar and ebbing, oceanic female vocals is a taste of the watery, warm, and sweet elements of the earth.

“Sumptuous acoustics, beautiful female voice and sweet harmony rising to glorious heights.” -THE EMPTY QUARTER, England

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