Lycia: Wake (CD)

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  1. Nothing
  2. Wake
  3. This Decline
  4. Sing Like Sirens
  5. Incinerate
  6. Time
  7. The Bells
  8. From Foam
  9. Down THere

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WAKE is LYCIA’s beginnings. Remastered four-track demos rescued from the obscurity of cassette masters, capturing the rhythmically intense raw sound which first attracted Projekt to LYCIA’s music.

Sam recalls: “…Mike used to mail me these white cassette demos of Lycia’s music, starting back in 1989 when I still lived in Garden Grove. From the beginning, I knew there was something special in these tapes. We kept in touch, and eventually I asked Mike to contribute to Gray Land No. 2. After he had enough material together, the Ionia album took form, and that was the first “official” Lycia album. However, soon after Stark Corner came out, I suggested to Mike that we release the original demo material I had heard. That was the evolution of Wake.”

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