Various Artists: From Across This Gray Land No. 2 (CD) #CDSale


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  1. Lycia: From Foam
  2. Lycia: Down
  3. Popul Vuh: Deine Liebe Ist Susser Als Wein
    (Your Love Is Sweeter Than Wine)
  4. Popul Vuh: In Der Halle Salomos (In The Hall Of Salomos)
  5. Attrition: I Am
  6. Attrition: Fusillade 1
  7. Skinner Box: Always Dear Iris
  8. Skinner Box: Isola
  9. Area: Robin Song
  10. Area: Our Corner Drowning
  11. Vicki Richards: Prayer of the Heart<
  12. Slap: Eden Now
  13. black tape for a blue girl: The turbulence and the torment
  14. Steve Roach: Melting at the Inbetween

Released in 1990 |70 minutes of introspective music. Throughout: the feeling of a dark, reflective, late-night journey taking you to new regions of introspective thought. Sam reflects: “The Gray Land series was my way to introduce fans to new bands that I was into, sort of like making a compilation tape for a friend. This CD introduced he world to Lycia, Projekt’s first signee.”

“Probably one of the most seamless compilations ever, sliding effortlessly from dark, gothic instrumentals to minor-keyed vocal tunes and back again.” (THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE)

Features Lycia’s “Down” — which appears on no other album.

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