black tape for a blue girl: fragments (vhs video) (Out-of-Print)

This item is out-of-print, and here for historical purposes.

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  1. slide show and the old film
    spring 1985 – music by sam rosenthal
  2. slow blur
    january 1986 – music by black tape for a blue girl
  3. fragments of benediction
    april 1986 – music by black tape for a blue girl
  4. the lingering flicker
    october 1986 – music by black tape for a blue girl
  5. faith
    november 1986 – music by sam rosenthal
  6. the michelson-morley experiment
  7. the floor was hard but home
  8. the behavior of clocks in motion
    november 1986 – music by walter holland
  9. bombardment
    may 1987 – music by sam rosenthal, the sleep of reason
    and black tape for a blue girl
  10. miami
    november 1987 – music by sam rosenthal

One hour of Sam Rosenthal’s video art . . . Personal introspective pieces that ebb and flow, never intent on a definitive resolution. The female characters move through dense layered images. “Close-ups, angles and slow motions that allow the memory to define their own narrative.” – BEEF MAGAZINE

permitted to control – frame by frame; a cruel spectre, peering in upon a world i may never touch. a life i may not have. my window shines like the world i try so desperately to control.

as if i intrude upon a world, forced to watch by hands not my own. desire to watch, my own insatiable lust. permitted to control – but never to take part. the friend who silently passed. i feel that i’m to blame. for closing in upon a world, not mine. trying to create, and only creating pain. i hurt inside, crying in my darkened room. i only achieve my isolation.

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