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1. Katharsis
2. Soterion
3. Deimos
4. Esoteros
5. Moira
6. Semaion
7. Eudaimonia
8. Kairos
9. Anatema
10. Paradeigma

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Italian Import – Another ex-COLD MEAT INDUSTRY act – Eldar – returns with a new album that marks a big
step forward!

Continuing the evolution of the sound of his previous album, a sound that becomes characteristic Eldar in recent years. In this album they present their views about Nôus, the active principle which impels matter to organize from a swirling motion, the Nôus is material like air and water, but in a special type of matter, capable of printing the cosmogonic movement the rest of the homoeomerous matter.

This movement or thought is represented in this album through 10 songs that makes you get into the philosophical concept. Pure “philosophy” in each track, into a variety of sounds representing every aspect of this concept. This is for sure the best Eldar album so far, the sound and voices of Merce and Marc are continuosly evolving. This time they are combining a very fresh and beating neo-pop sound to their usual neo-classic and ambient tunes.

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