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1. Falling, Too
2. These Illusions
3. Control
4. Lost In Side
5. Miserere Mei
6. Fear No More
7. Ex Oblivione
8. The Sleep of Angels
9. Windows of Their Eyes
10. Everything Alone
11. Lullaby
12. Midnight
13. Io’s Departure

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The band’s third release: an alluring mixture of ethereal aesthetics, electronics, and siren vocals. A technological savvy mixture of styles propels the thirteen songs beyond pure emotional ambience. Amid serene and haunting enchantments there is enough movement and melody to challenge the most stoic of listeners. One Winterís Night demonstrates the band’s continuing maturity in composition, making music that is elegantly simple while still complexly experimental. Rich layers of electronics and guitars accompany haunting predominantly female vocals to create a diverse yet coherent collection of work.

“Parts of One Winter’s Night are not merely good, they’re f***ing brilliant. gorgeous and danceable ethereal” – Outburn issue #10

“Haunting, sould-stirring and absolutely unforgettable, the music created by Summer Bowman and Roger Frace simply must be experienced. There is no accurate way to describe their perfect blend of classical influences and new music technology.’ – The Alternative Voice, August 4, 1999

“the Machine in the Garden is the only band I’ve heard where I can fully appreciate their dark, gothic aesthetic. Summer Bowman’s vocals are richly melodic and undeniably beautiful — she could be singing from lengthy pages of monotonous U.S. legislature in verse and it would still sound great.” – Side-Line Magazine

“The band’s hauntingly melodic ethereal darkwave style allows dynamic atmospheres, gentle rhythms, and the amazing vocal performance of Summer Bowman to coalesce in a swirling pool of delicate harmonies, sublime lyrics, and exalted auras.” – Chaotic Critiques

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