In Strict Confidence: The Hardest Heart (CD)


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01 Frozen Kisses
02 Everything must change
03 Somebody Else´s Dream
04 Destroy something Beautiful
05 Time
06 Herz
07 Land of Grace
08 DoubleFaced
09 Letzter Wille
10 Erde Ade
11 Ask your Soul
12 Coming closer
13 Somebody Else´s Dream (Videoclip)
14 Everything must Change (Videoclip)

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German Import – Dennis Ostermann in his own words about the eagerly expected all new album:
“You need one thing when it comes to new In Strict Confidence album releases: patience. Although we could have shortened the wait, we compensated for the delay with two preliminary Singles…” The two ‘Singles’ (actually: both very long EPs!) fell nicely into place in a wide musical range of the new fulltime-masterpiece. The perfect combination of classic electro/EBM elements in “Everything must change” particularly impressed the early fans, while “Somebody else’s dream” had a dramatic alternatively-emotional impact! “All signs pointed to the fact that we can focus on our own strong points, we can focus on well-known classics and, while pushing the doors open, we can make our way forward.” The 12 new tracks are more heterogeneous than ever and allow the listener to dive into a mix of emotions. They are electronically aggressive, deeply melancholic and boldly danceable. They are supported by profound texts put forward by Dennis Ostermann, the vocally poignant front-man who is in the best shape ever, while two tracks are graciously delivered by his female counterpart, Nina de Lianin.

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