Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Limitless (Digital)

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1. quien yo soy
2. limitless
3. alaska
4. through sky blue rooms (2016)
5. limitless (stripped mix) <-- Bandcamp bonus From Sam: The limitless single, is a 4-song 5-song digital preview of the These fleeting moments album. Only one song is from the upcoming album, actually, the rest are special to this release.

Picking up Blacktape’s classic 90s darkwave sound; original vocalist Oscar returns on their 30th anniversary.

As is common with singles, the “catchiest” song is the focus. “Limitless” is modern darkwave rock, with a bit of an 80s or 90s throwback sound and existential lyrics about our potential. “Alaska” is a different lyric/melody, written around the same backing track! To balance things stylistically, the single begins with “quien you soy” which is representative of the moody and contemplative sound of much of the new album. It is the first part of the 17-minute “vastness of life,” translated and sung in Spanish.

At the last minute, I decided to include an exclusive track that will not be at iTunes or Amazon or streaming. Something special for everyone who purchases direct from Projekt’s Bandcamp page. Over the weekend I did an alternate mix of “limitless,” Oscar made suggestions to make it even more sparse! This is the bonus fifth track, focusing on the vocals and acoustic guitar, with some nice elements of the other instruments swirling around. 

If you already ordered the single elsewhere, you can download just “limitless (stripped) at name-your-price: Hover over the 5th track, choose “buy track,” click “Buy Now” on the next page and put in zero. That gets you the song. 

A five song single?

I know, I know. This release has 5 tracks, why is it called a “single?” A single has 2-tracks, right?

That’s what they suggested it be called.

Who is “they?” 

Well, that’s interesting! I’ve decided to release the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album in collaboration with Metropolis Records. It seems like a good time to mix things up and try something different: work together with another label to get my music to new listeners.
 I am very excited to see what happens

Metropolis will release the CD for retail stores, overseas, and digital; Projekt presents the deluxe CD and double-LP. The limitless single digital-only release is out July 22, These fleeting moments CD & digital out August 12. 
The vinyl will be out near the end of the year

Enjoy, Sam

Click to Join, hit send, and I’ll add you to the list. – Sam


  1. Reviews Editor

    From The Celebrity Cafe

    Black Tape for a Blue Girl is back with Limitless. Fans will welcome the return of their signature darkwave/ethereal/ambient/cabaret style. Black Tape for a Blue Girl released their album entitled Limitless, on July 22. Though described as a single, the five-track disc contains two versions of the title song and three additional cuts. The prelude to a new full-length record, Limitless is a strong reintroduction to the band.

    Though remixes and re-visitations were released in recent years, the last brand new Black Tape for a Blue Girl album came out in 2009. Thankfully, Sam Rosenthal – the group’s founder, producer, lyricist and songwriter – maintains the particular sonic cocktail that makes this darkwave/ethereal/ambient/cabaret project unique. Additionally, listeners will be pleased to find that original vocalist, Oscar Herrera, returned for this album. Limitless begins with a track entitled “quien yo soy.” In an ambient opening, it starts on a firm but sullen note. Here, there is an impassioned sense about the vocals. Smooth voices walk a line in nature between ethereal and old Celtic folk. Sparse and atmospheric instrumentation sets the backdrop in this track, easing listeners into the album.

    Next on Limitless is goth-rock song “alaska.” With an accessible and up-tempo rhythm, people will be drawn to dance on goth nights. The particular combination of string, percussion and electronic tones found here result in a compelling track. Immediately after, “through sky blue rooms (2016)” brings the tempo down. Acoustic strings and a female voice – that feels somehow incorporeal – comprise the track. This piece would be best described as sung poetry. Sparse elements weave a beautiful tapestry in this very short cut. Consequently, listeners are left wanting much more.

    The short album closes with “limitless (stripped).” Exactly as the title suggests, it is an acoustic version of the title track. Though the feeling is markedly changed, “limitless” holds up in this context. Black Tape for a Blue Girl has produced strong work – and remained true to themselves – on Limitless. As a result, listeners will be glad to see the band back in action and look forward to more in the future. Rating: 4 out of 5. -Erin Huestis

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