The Machine in the Garden: Veils and Shadows (CDEP)

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1. CryGods 3:39
2. A Touch Of Heaven 5:46
3. Dark Splintered Heart 6:41
4. Heavenly Air 3:26

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Very beyond post-modern avante garde music which is able to cross the hellish barriers between gothic sounds similar to vintage early BAUHAUS and the modern day American industrial movement via icons such as Trent Reznor’s NINE INCH NAILS, Cevin Key’s horroristic gods of the machine SKINNY PUPPY, and Al Jourgensen’s metallic industrialized monsters MINISTRY. As you play this compact disc its movement starts from the mildly simple relaxing and refreshing keys to a climax of raw evil power which has an impact of a dropping of a nuclear bomb to resurface as a relaxing setting to ease your mixed emotions of the bomb’s aftermath. Hard to believe that this is a one man masterpiece of ROGER FRACE who seems to make a superior effort to make a new cross blend or advance hybrid of two musical styles which seem to be reaching a new height of popularity — industrial and gothic. This release will set new ways of standards for a recording to be classified. All future releases will be compared to this release. Simple to the point — BUY THIS NOW BEFORE IT BECOMES TRENDY AND BE A TREND SETTER.
-Al Slavinzki, Diabolical Decibel, January 1995

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