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CD 1:
1. Fusione di empatia 01:19:23
CD 2:
1. Preghiera dell’Acqua 24:02
2. Fusione di Transitorietà 16:18
3. Come Quando il Fiume Incontra il Mare 37:56

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‘Empathy fusion’ is a long form project based on quiet music in the purpose to induces calm and deep relaxation.

Many thanks to Mendel / Wavepaths for inspiration.

Fusione di empatia is without question the most calm inducing composition in my Alio Die collection. and what wonderful timing to release it now, beautiful soothing music!

This is my favorite kind of Alio Die music: Drifting, long form ambient spaces that feel organic, mystical, and other-worldly

Empathy fusion’ enter into the new dimensions of Transience merger. Suspensions and a contemplative sense of being take part in the flowing of the sounds, after a rainfall in the full moon plateau while the silence surround. “The changing nature of Asmitâ is manifested when we face a challenge. The origin of the challenge lies in the positive side of Asmitâ but when a negative fear arises our initiative is inhibited.

We must launch a counter challenge to disarm this fear.

From this conflict creation arises.”

Commentary on the Patanjali yoga sutras

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