Alio Die: Spirals Of Light (CD)


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Track Listing:
1. The inner fields of fragrance 15:31
2. Dissolved in the grace of presence 26:14
3. Waves of colorful bliss 09:53
4. Ecstatic luminescence in nature 13:07
5. Spirals of light 13:34

From the label:
‘Spirals of light’ is like an albedo, a process of rebirth from its own ashes, which re-emerges from the depths in softness and beauty. The colored nebulae give way to a riot of color, to the mighty explosion of life in all its range, regardless of the vertigo of emptiness and shadow, the sky is torn by swords of light.
The sounds of psaltery and zither build and stratify harmonies together with a colorful spectrum of vibrational acoustic sounds: whistles, water, rattle, khen, shruti box. The music flows and welcomes us into its realm, the five songs are the gateway to soar beyond the notes in a space that transcends and creates.

Alio Die 30 years after the release of ‘Under an Holy Ritual’ celebrates with this new album its adherence to the source, as it has always inspired inspiration, and infinite gratitude to the demon that follows me.

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