Alio Die: Quot Dies Resurgo (CD)


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Track Listing:
1. Aere perennius 05:37
2. Veritas temporis filia 22:25
3. Sol me vos umbra regit 12:23
4. Quot dies resurgo 23:39
5. Silenter voquor 04:25

From the label:
“Quot dies resurgo expands to new dimensions the excursus with medieval soundscapes, by acoustic and electronic sounds that characterized the trilogy of Castles sonorisation’s series (Aura seminalis/Tempus rei / Horas tibi serenas).
In the perennial search for the source, the sound unfolds, and the intersection of the modulation of the sound waves is now enriched by arpeggios and reflections, suspensions that open space-time doors and possible exits.
In “Every day I rise again” It is time itself that meditates and aspires to ancient places, leading gracefully through mysterious atmospheres where the places seem to resonate to tell of human feeling, which refracts and crystallizes in the sound wave.”

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