Alio Die: Distillation Of Time (CD)


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Track Listing:
1. Il lievito dell’anima 12:41
2. L’estasi del silenzio 08:51
3. Ed ancor perdura l’essenza sonora 10:54
4. Volo metafisico 18:06
5. L’infinito presente 23:42

From the label:
“In ‘Distillation of time’ Alio Die condenses in five tracks, acoustic suggestions and electronic visions that expand the heart of the sound, its contemplative quality, opening a dimension of natural metamorphosis, of transfiguration.

The acoustic parts proceed particularly slow and bright, alternate and chase each other in places often practiced for meditation and recollection, to lead the listening where sound and light become one .. revealing that sensitive attention that is the crucible and the very essence of sound.

The harmony turns out to be fluid between the arpeggios of the zither that are peculiarly tuned to each other and never stops so as to magically resonate in a solution of continuity, opening up the temporal perspective and leading us into the subtlest realms of listening.

Peace emerges and leads, the endless blossoming of love remains the silent background of inspiration, from which every sound appears and refracts.
From this wonderful view the yeast of the soul infuses new life, the ecstasy of being not separated is like a balm to human conflicts, when time is not measured it does not exist, and the contemplated space can expand.

The cover is taken from an image found on the bottom of the distiller after a summer dedicated to essential oils.”

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