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1. Gli Incantesimi dell’Uscita 10:53
2. Il Canto di Orione 07:29
3. Le Anime dell’Occidente 07:34
4. Le Sette Stelle dell’Orsa 13:22
5. La Pratica del Cammino 12:34
6. Il Vento Sulla Barca di Râ 09:17

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The Alberto Ezzu Lux Vocal Ensemble was born in 2001 to perform his own compositions and improvisations, mainly using harmonic chanting. In this latter work, the vocalists are inspired by the funeral texts of ancient Egypt, The Litans of Râ, to follow a vocal path Which crosses, in multiple forms, the various registers of male voices to describe the spell and the magic of harmonic singing. They sometimes accompany with small percussion instruments, shruti box and synthesizer. Every sound, in nature, is a complex event of pure sounds whose vibratory frequencies are mutually exclusive in mathematical / musical relationships. These sounds are called harmonic sounds. The techniques of the diphonian song allow to filter the harmonic content present in the timbre of the human voice and to produce, precisely, distinct sounds in a conscious and creative way by organizing true single-voice polyphonies.

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