Various Artists: Gothic Spirits Volume 19 2CD


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01 Liv Kristine-Love Decay
02 Diabulus in Musica-From the Embers
03 Letzte Instanz-Traum im Traum
04 Vlad in Tears-Vlad in Tears
05 Voices of Destiny-Stormcrow
06 Lacuna Coil-I burn in you
07 Endanger-Burn down this House from the Inside
08 Sleep of Monsters-Our savage God
09 Saddolls-Angels making Love (in the Dark)
10 Megaherz-Schwarzer Engel
11 Seelennacht-Love is torn apart
12 Harmjoy-My Tears fall
13 Der Klinke-We are here
14 My Reflection-This World belongs to us
15 2 Wolves-Freedom of two
16 Star Industry-Eilyne
17 New Model Army- According to you
18 My Own Ghost-Lost
19 The Exploding Boy-Scared to death
01 Xandria-Nightfall
02 Delain-Army Of Dolls
03 Savn-I Am Free
04 Anette Olzon-Falling
05 Lykaion-For Love
06 Helalyn Flowers-Starchild
07 Lovelorn Dolls-Happy Valentine
08 Binary Park-Mute
09 Amberian Dawn-Dance of Life
10 Sara Noxx-B. Low
11 Suicidal Romance-Remember Me
12 ES23-Wired
13 Arts of Erebus-Insight in Darkness
14 Neopera-Destined Ways
15 The House of Capricorn-The only Star in the Sky
16 Silent Opera-The great Chessboard
17 Coronatus-The Elvenwall
18 Lyriel – Falling Skies

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Gothic Spirits Vol. 19! The next part of golden core’s cult compilation series! Featuring 37 tracks by Star Industry, Xandria, ES23, Sara Noxx, Suicidal Romance, Binary Park, Megaherz, Lacuna Coil, Liv Kristine, Endanger, Lovelorn Dolls, New Model Army, The Exploding Boy, Vlad in Tears and many many more!

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