Ian Boddy: The Deep Reissue (CD)


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1. Standing At The Edge 02:12
2. Dark Descent 05:23
3. The Deep 03:50
4. In The Realm Of Poseidon 05:09
5. Leviathan 05:47
6. Flow Current Flow 07:51
7. Sirens Call 08:02
8. Aquanaut 05:51
9. Re-Emergence 04:25
10. Surface Flight 08:49
11. Sub-Aquiem 03:46
12. Sargasso 04:28
13. Submersible 07:41

The Deep was originally released on Something Else Records in 1994 and alongside his previous album, The Uncertainty Principle, has proved to be one of his most popular pre-DiN releases. Inspired by the film The Abyss the original 11 tracks form a continuous suite of music that cover everything from dark ambient soundscapes, Berlin school sequencing through to melodic synth instrumentals. Opening with the haunting sound of a submarine sonar the eerie Ligeti chord masses explode to life with the heavily sequenced Dark Descent. The title track is narrated by David Burns and sets the scene with some awe inspiring facts about the deep ocean which remains largely unexplored. The music then follows a path from the surface down to the dark depths of the hydrosphere until reemerging with the classical orchestrations of Sub-Aquiem before the album finally fades with the return of the sonar. This is as close as Boddy ever got to a true concept album and compositionally stands up to anything else in that oeuvre.

This reissue sees Dutch EM label Groove Unlimited working with Boddy to bring the definitive version of this classic electronic music album back to print. Remastered by Boddy himself there are also a couple of unreleased bonus tracks from the same time period adding an extra 12 minutes of material.

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Track Listing / Video

1. Spacetones Part 1 38:45
2. Spacetones Part 2 8:08
3. Spacetones Part 3 21:53

Spacetones Excerpt


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