Skoulaman: Fluxes In Philadelphia (CD)

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Track Listing:
1. Block 1 – Baku Memories 10:06
2. Block 2 – Rumble 10:17
3. Block 3 – Oceans And Air Guitar 11:47
4. Block 4 – Chinese Sea 4:53
5. Block 5 – Fluxes In Philadelphia 10:38
6. Block 6 – EC2 10:48
7. Block 7 – Coloured Glass 13:15

“The Gatherings Story. It started a year ago when I met Chuck van Zyl during our life concerts at E-day 2018 in Oirschot (NL). Chuck asked me to come over to the States for a performance at The Gatherings. Chuck is the host of STAR’S END radio ( and organizes the EM-music event “The Gatherings” concert series (

This was a challenge, because I could not bring all my gear to the USA. I was limited to just a small cabin suitcase. I had to use gear from over there and thanks to Chuck and all the people who loaned me gear this problem was solved. My son Rik was not able to come over, but Harrison McKay ( ) was willing to perform on E-guitar during 2 tracks of my performance. I remember me the long evening /night before the concert preparing the rig in the studio of WXPN radio ( ). We encountered a lot of technical problems, even the hours before my performance, but with the helping hands of all volunteers they were fixed. This CD contains all the tracks from my performance at The Gatherings concert. I made some corrections (shorter intro’s, some low range boosting, some little overall reverb, and attached some live outside recordings, recorded during my travel in the States somewhere between Portland and Philadelphia). After The Gatherings I performed also live at STAR’S END radio, these recordings will be available at

It was magic to play in the St. Mary church, there were moments that I felt in heaven standing above the clouds, in two ways! I want to make a huge thanks to everybody who helped me during this performance. The people who loaned me there gear: Chuck van Zyl, Art Cohen, Jeff Coulter, Shawn Kralicek, Roycee Martin, Ian Stear, Mark Tajzler, and all other people who helped me setting up. And thanks to Jeff Towne and Neil Cippon (“O man, so much gear”) for transport and so much other things. Thanks to Ashleigh Rose for CD sales. Thanks Ian STAER ( for your perfect performance at this magical day. Thank you Harrison McKay for your outstanding E-guitar playing. Chuck van Zyl, thank you for inviting and believing in what I do and your very kind support during our stay in Philadelphia. I remember our long conversations during our city trips and drinking some beers.., have some food and so on, great! And at last my partner Yolande, se truly respects the EM-scene and Se felt the same positive vibes during this concert. Oh.. and not to forget, the audience, the people who travel to support this kind of events, Thank you.”

Hans van Kroonenburg “Skoulaman”, 09-09-19.

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1. Spacetones Part 1 38:45
2. Spacetones Part 2 8:08
3. Spacetones Part 3 21:53

Spacetones Excerpt


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