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Track Listing:
1. Marrakesh 12:01
2. Far Beyond 12:32
3. Adante 10:26
4. Freak Mout 11:28
5. Enkore 11:14

“With Totem – Beyond Berlin brings us a fantastic new release of Berlin School inspired music. Beyond Belin are Rene de Bakker, Martin Peters and Oscar van den Wijngaard. The music has it’s foundation in the Berlin School of Electronic Music. “We try to go back to the basics when analog synthesizers and step sequencers ruled the electronic music” the artists say.

But this release takes it a step further. This is a brilliant release that I (Ron) have listened to over and over again. It is intoxicating, provoking and utterly brilliant. A must for all Berlin School fans!!” – From the Label

“For many of today’s Spacemusicians, their inspiration comes directly from the Electronic Berlin-School of 1970s Germany. Almost 50 years ago this highly independent group built an entirely original genre based on their own new principles. Along with the use of new music technology, one of the main features of this so-called Kosmische Musik is its idea of de-limitation. The synthesizer ensemble Beyond Berlin (Rene de Bakker, Martin Peters and Oscar van den Wijngaard) is making its mark by exploring this ideal. Their CD Totem (60’41”) presents five studio tracks which, while based on the work of their heroes, are not mere mindless replications. Balancing a technological precision with personalized artistic expression, this trio references the order and harmony of the contemporary mainstream – all the while leading their listeners into a new sonic realm. As gravity bends light, so Totem bends time. In a clockwork clarity of layer upon layer of building ostinato figures, each piece plays out in a pleasantly melodic dreaminess. With its skipping sequencer strategies and animated chord progressions, the overall mood of the album is embracing – as warm as an analogue synth, yet as cool as digital space. The patterns blend, displace and divide in a warping coil of echoing notes. Totem has been designed with care, and carefully carried out as an exploration of expression. In anticipation of a better tomorrow Beyond Berlin realizes a dynamic and mesmerizing sound. With thought leaders telling us that nothing ages as fast as the future, it is good to find each successive generation of artists reaching far into it – in blatant disregard of the doubts of today.”

Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END – 13 June 2019

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Track Listing / Video

1. Spacetones Part 1 38:45
2. Spacetones Part 2 8:08
3. Spacetones Part 3 21:53

Spacetones Excerpt


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