Skoulaman: Next Step In Evolution (CD)


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Track Listing:
1. Coloured Glass – [11:26] 2. Foreign Woods – [13:56] 3. E.C.2 – [12:38] 4. Rumble – [13:57] 5. Ocean and Air Guitar – [8:07] 6. Coloured Glass Alternate – [17:49]

Hans van Kroonenburg a.k.a Skoulaman, started experimenting with electronic music in the late 70’s after encountering the music from artists like Vangelis, TD, JMJ, Kraftwerk and many others. Being fascinated by the music, and as a curious person Skoulaman wondered how all these sounds were created and soon bought his first keyboard, a Solina electronic organ, to find out. Slowly more synthesizers and effects were added to the collection, which until today fill up his cozy home studio.

This being the first Skoulaman album that’s being released under the Groove label, makes it a special occasion. Also the recording process was a bit more special than usually. Where normally a track would be created completely spontaneous during the moment of recording, this time a more structured approach was needed to be able to reproduce the songs during live performances. The fact that Skoulaman plays his songs completely live without backing track or computer, made it even more challenging.

On all the tracks the arpeggiator of the Moog Little Phatty was used as a base sequencing pattern. On some songs sounds recorded in nature were added to the intro (birds from a forest in Boschoord Netherlands / Evening atmosphere Monopoly Italy / and streaming water in Wilnis, the town where I live). As always reverbs and echoes play a big part in Skoulamans sounds. On 2 tracks Skoulamans son, Rik van Kroonenburg plays electric guitar to beef up the sound.

The title ‘Next steps in evolution’ is chosen because of the constant evolution of Skoulamans music. Creating an album under the Groove Label creates a great step in this evolution.”
Hans van Kroonenburg 05-03-2018

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1. Spacetones Part 1 38:45
2. Spacetones Part 2 8:08
3. Spacetones Part 3 21:53

Spacetones Excerpt


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