Steve Roach & Vir Unis: Blood Machine (Digital)

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1 Dissolving The Code 7:28
2 Evolution 11:38
3 Impulse 10:07
4 Neurotropic 6:23
5 Mindheart Infusion 12:20
6 Sense 7:57
7 Neural Connection 12:07
8 In The Marrow 5:15

The evolution of Elegant Futurism…

This is the next highly-anticipated chapter in the Body Electric / Light Fantastic story, except this time its a new book altogether. This project has gone through several phases in its development over the past two years. Numerous pieces were created and set aside as the artists made new discoveries and continued pushed the envelope further than ever before. Roach and Vir Unis pulled out all the stops to create a music experience that flows with the natural precision of the body’s life-blood, by way of a constant enfoldment of hyperstate fractal grooves and luminous soundworlds that are unique to their collaborative spirit.

Blood Machine review
by Matt Borghi

BLOOD MACHINE is the second, excellent release that the Steve Roach/ Vir Unis relationship has yielded, the first being BODY ELECTRIC that came out in 1999 on the Projekt label. Prior to that Roach and Vir Unis had worked on a variety of compilations and other smaller projects, but none of that work led to the new sound that they’ve achieved with BLOOD MACHINE. While BLOOD MACHINE is comparable to BODY ELECTRIC, it really consists of a different, more fevered dynamic.

BLOOD MACHINE starts with “Dissolving the Code” which evolves from a very calm and very Roach-esque synth pad fade into a wild and spastic rhythmic scheme that pulls the listener in to the second track “Evolution” only to be bombarded once more with the sound of percussion that seems to be dancing in the speakers from left to right and right to left. This seems to be the overall pattern with this record. The listener is teased into the track by Roach and Unis’ lush atmospherics and once in the track shifts back to the heavily rhythmic sequences, and then back to the atmospherics. The tracks that comprise BLOOD MACHINE segue beautifully into each other one after another, thus creating a long-running, almost cinematic escapade into a soundworld that is completely fresh in dynamic and timbre.

BLOOD MACHINE is quite a departure from Roach’s work of late, as well as Vir Unis’ but undoubtedly this is one of the most refreshing recordings of 2001.


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