Elane: Arcane 2 [Music Inspired By The Works Of Kai Meyer] (CD)


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01 Every Page a Heartbeat
02 Sabatea’s Song (You are the Princess)
03 Breath of Gold (Hold on)
04 Aurora
05 Visions sent
06 Magic Carpet Ride
07 The Isle
08 Aura
09 Pure Moonlight
10 More Stars shine on Earth
11 The Wave Walkers
12 Leinen los
13 Hexhermetic Dance
14 Nugua’s Journey

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In an ever-changing world, six years mean a long time. So, it is even better to know that there are constants you can rely on. When you listen to the first sounds of ELANE’s new album – their first since 2011 – times does not seem to have passed at all. Faithful to their unique, romantic folk style, ‘Arcane 2’ offers 14 completely new songs which, diverse and different though they are, follow a common thread: Catchy tunes and a story line which is narrated by the appeal and magic of Joran Elane’s voice. As usual, the arrangement of their music leans towards acoustical folk, with pop and slight rock or progressive touches, but this time you’ll be in for a few surprises too! In short, never before has Elane been as groovy as on ARCANE 2!
Pieces such as “Magic Carpet Ride” or “Sabatea’s Song” will get you moving, hits like “More Stars shine on Earth” or “Visions Sent” sound downright sexy and the 12-mins. piece “Nugua’s Journey” is almost an album in itself.
All songs were inspired by the stories of German bestselling author Kai Meyer who is Germany’s figurehead of fantastic adventure novels. “Kai Meyer is one of the most creative masterminds of the German fantastic novel scene”, keyboarder and composer Nico Steckelberg states. Singer and songwriter Joran Elane remembers the creative process with fondness. “You immerse yourself into Kai’s stories and, in a way, you become their protagonists. At the same time, you remain true to yourself and let your own emotions flow into it – that’s music right from the soul of ELANE”. And what does the author think of the outcome? “ARCANE 2 is my favourite album of the band,” Kai Meyer says. “All of it has a more complex and more intricate sound. In addition, it is a splendid production.”

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