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1. Coil 06:57
2. Messiaen M31 05:56
3. Rings 06:24
4. Teutonium 07:31
5. Flow 06:22
6. Silver Surfer 05:56

DiN label boss Ian Boddy follows up his 2020 studio
release “Axiom” (DiN64) with “Coil” (DiN74), another vinyl
album length slice of vintage electronic music synth
heritage. Whilst there are many focusing in on the world of
possibilities of modular synths to the detriment of form and
composition Boddy uses his 40 plus years of experience to
create six succinct slices of antalogue warmth and

The title track which opens procedures is a case in point.
Boddy crams into its seven minutes more drama than
many would manage in a side length track. Soft textural
chords soon give way to a pulsing arpeggiator playing
from his venerable Roland System 100-M modular. Just
when the piece seems to be settling into a cyclical groove
a series of transpositions move the harmonic interest
along before a climax of percussion and synth textures
soar toward a stunning crescendo.

The next piece, “Messiaen M31”, in contrast is a calm,
floating track with an unusual harmonic chord progression
based on Olivier Messiaen’s music theory with a beautiful
Ondes Martenot style solo line. “Rings” features layers of
sequencers and arpeggios that twist and turn through
various key changes toward another stunning climax.

“Teutonium” is pure Berlin School with a thundering Moog
bass line interspersed with edgy, glitchy interjections
before subsiding to the calm, gentle fluctuations of “Flow”.

Finally “Silver Surfer” is a slice of Synthwave fun featuring
the crisp tones of the 100-M set against a syncopated
bass line and a beautiful Ondes Martenot duet over a
transposing sequencer line.

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