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01 Uncharted 3:46
02 Verdant 5:50
03 Colony 4:2
04 Isolation 4:04
05 Golden Times 4:41
06 Diaspora 5:26
07 Bone Station 3:45
08 Meridian 6:14
09 Rescue 8:28
10 Requiem 5:34
11 Obscured 6:09

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Listen to a demo mix of tracks from Meridian at soundcloud

Meridian is the third collaborative project between DiN label boss Ian Boddy & renowned Norwegian composer & guitarist Erik Wøllo. Their previous two projects were the duo’s debut release,”Frontiers” (DiN39), followed by their live performance at the Electronic Circus Festival V on “EC12” (DiNDDL16).

Both Boddy & Wøllo are prolific composers and they bring their wealth of experience to bear on this sophisticated, cinematic release. Playing like a travelogue to an undiscovered land the album opens in suitably haunting fashion with “Uncharted” with it’s fog horn effects shrouded in mist. The next two tracks then emerge from this atmosphere and create what will be the template for this album, a pair of uptempo, melodic pieces interspersed with reflective, slow ambient interludes. The duo effortlessly mix the analogue synth & string textures of Boddy with the intricate interlocking patterns of Wøllo’s guitar, that at times sound like delicate sequencer patterns. The rhythmic tracks slowly build in intensity throughout the album via the charmingly folk inspired tones of “Golden Times” to the climax of “Rescue” with it’s thundering Berlin School inspired bass sequence. The album ends as it began in a cold swirling mist as the fog horn returns to close the album in a suitably mysterious manner.

Once again Boddy & Wøllo show their mastery of their craft both as composers and musicians to produce a stunning album full of sonic imagery and beautiful harmonies.

Limited to 1,000 copies.

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