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1. Church (21:34)
2. Bliss Plane (14:00)
3. Torch (10:57)
4. Veil (10:19)
5. Falling Through To Rapture (17:38)

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ARC are Ian Boddy (also DiN label boss) and Mark Shreeve, two veterans of the UK electronic music scene. Their music is deeply routed in the traditions of the German synthesizer music of the 1970’s and as such they employ a vast range of vintage analogue equipment not the least of which is Shreeve’s massive Moog IIIC modular system.

Although this is the duos sixth CD release their concert appearances are rare occurrences with only three prior performances. So when the duo were asked to play at the Gatherings concert series in Philadelphia organised by the Stars End radio show host Chuck van Zyl the logistics of staging such a show were considerable. Boddy had performed in Philadelphia four times previously (three times at the Gatherings and once with Robert Rich – React) and so knew there was an enthusiastic audience for this style of electronic music. However this was Shreeve’s first Stateside concert and with the impracticality of transporting so much vintage gear the duo were helped out by three local musicians who kindly lent the duo several synthesizers as well as analogue modular & sequencing systems. The concert itself was staged at St.Mary’s Church in Philadelphia on 14th November 2009 which was a suitably atmospheric venue for the electronic music of ARC. The five long tracks span the range of structured melodic sections, classically inspired space chords to improvised sequencer work-outs and prove once again that Shreeve & Boddy are masters of this form of electronic music. Four of the tracks are completely new material with the fifth, Falling Through to Rapture having at it’s core the sequencer section from the track Rapture which was the final track of the duo’s last studio album Fracture preceded and followed by two glorious sections of vast, spacey mellotron chords. The multi-track recordings from the concert have been mixed and mastered by Shreeve to provide the listener with a thrilling ring side seat at was an inspired performance by this duo.

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