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Video Clip Collection
1 Colour-Ize
2 Dark Star
3 Mindmachine
4 Away
5 Return
6 Into My Arms
7 Into My Arms (Remix)
8 Generators
9 Over & Done
Live Concert Clips
10 Dark Star Tour (Live Debut) 1991
11 Acoustic Tour 1992
13 Forest Enter Exit Tour 1993
14 Winter Fish Testosterone Tour 1996
Pictures Gallery
15 Pictures Gallery
2007 Orchestra Tour Documentary (Director’s Cut)
16 2007 Orchestra Tour Documentary (Director’s Cut)

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As their first U.S. release, this DVD serves as an introduction to the avant-garde duo (Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov) that covers its entire 20-year history. Includes music videos, concert clips, and a documentary film covering the band”s ground breaking and celebrated orchestral collaboration with the Frankfort Philharmonic.NOTE: This DVD is in NTSC format and will play on North American & many European DVD players.

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