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1. Into The Ether
2. Cassandra
3. Love And Hatred
4. Flame
5. The Sentiment Inside
6. Winter Born (This Sacrifice)
7. Untrue
8. A Stranger Moment
9. Waiting To Leave
10. East
11. Citadel
12. After All
13. Helen (Bonus Track)
14. Bonus Clip

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The first single from this album, Winterborn, appeared on the Frozen Embers EP and immediately shot straight on to the German Alternative Charts (DAC). The rest of the album is fairly comparable to that piece. While not a concept album as such, a strong theme that recurs throughout the disc is the Trojan Wars, lending the album an epic feel. Production values are strong as always, and as with Wishfire, one or two of the tracks on the disc are definitely more experimental in nature. Stunning artwork from Chad Michael Ward.

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