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  1. Before the Fire
  2. Return (Coming Home)
  3. Binary
  4. The Seraphs
  5. Spectators
  6. Tears
  7. Go Away
  8. The 4th Phase
  9. Earthfall
  10. Orphean Wing
  11. Carnival
  12. Resist/R
  13. Roman
  14. Spiral (Don’t Fall)

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Addictive programming, theatrical male vocals, lots of synths, guitar, and violins, coupled with honest and emotional lyrics. A musical blend of gothic dance and future pop that satisfies fans of both. One of the most highly anticipated release by a US gothic/industrial act in 2002. Includes the first single, “Tears,” the forthcoming single “Return (Coming Home)” and a number of other solid tracks. Club hits are there, such as “Resist/R” and “Binary Soul,” but the band has not abandoned their signature ballads, with “Spectators” being a tribute to anyone with ambition, and “Go Away” already described by critics as one of their best songs ever. Wishfire represents their best work to date: the best production values and most meticulously crafted songs the band has ever presented. Not to be missed.

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