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1. Eurydice
2. Monsters v2.0
3. Marilyn, My Bitterness v2.0
4. Crop Circles
5. Ballrooms On Mars
6. The Dying Song
7. Leave Me Alone (Shaft 20/20 mix)v2.0
8. Here Comes The Rain Again
9. Cruelty (Cruel Vocal)
10. Bloodline v2.0
11. Täuschung (Deception auf Deutch/in German)

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Originally designed to introduce the band to their newest fans on the first ever Cruxshadows European Tour, Echoes and Artifacts (or “Intercontinental Drift” as it was originally called in Europe) quickly became such an in-demand title that the band wanted to make it available to their biggest fans, so it was sold at live shows as a special tour-only item.Now, finally, Echoes & Artifacts is available to the general public. A collection of hard to find tracks, rare remixes, and exclusive cuts, this disc was intended to allow people to “catch up with the Cruxshadows” just before their popularity exploded.

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