The Cruxshadows: Telemetry Of A Fallen Angel 2004 (CD) WAREHOUSE SALE

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1. Descension
2. Monsters
3. Jackal Head
4. Prometheus
5. Clerestory
6. Walk Away
7. Miss Fortune Returns
8. My World
9. Fallen Angel
10. Hanged Man
11. Purgatory
12. Marilyn, My Bitterness
13. Daedelus Flight…Icarus Falls
14. Satellite

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Telemetry of a Fallen Angel stands as one of the most impressive and important debut albums of the 1990s. While technically not the first album by The Cruxshadows, it was the first with widespread distribution, and certainly the disc that established their signature sound. Their unique blend of new wave, gothic, and EBM elements have paved the way for a new sound that has become quite popular in the club scene and established The Cruxshadows as one of the genre”s leading acts.Production standards have improved considerably since this album was originally recorded and released. As such, the band decided to take advantage of modern equipment to offer a remastered version of the album, the way that they had originally intended it to sound. Additionally, new songs were added to this new version of Telemetry.Finally, the disc features entirely new artwork, completely different from the original black and white interior booklet that accompanied the old version of this disc. Rogue”s vision and the concept behind Telemetry will be more apparent when fans peruse this new 12 page booklet. CD-ROM bonus material includes a video for Monsters, a song from Night Crawls In, and a Telemetry-era photo gallery.

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