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1. You Have Escaped Me 6:00
2. Olive The Slut 3:09
3. Snowy Corset Nightmare 5:23
4. The Nun V. V. 4:20
5. Incunabula 8:36
6. Phosphorella 13:26
7. Far Flung Saturnine 12:36
8. Devil’s Club 10:34
9. Asthenosphere 8:18

Trance To The Sun’s critically acclaimed third album, Venomous Eve (1995) is a masterpiece of gothic psychedelia. With an emphasis on lengthier, more minimalist arrangements, these nine elegant tracks have charmed, seduced, and enraptured two generations of dark music afficionados. Venomous Eve heralds the apex of Zoë Alexandra Wakefield’s vocal prowess, and also witnesses the induction of keyboard wizard Lucian S. Donato into the already established otherworldly realm of the band. The alchemy of these two mesmerizing talents flourishes amid the rhythmic and arrangement genius of multi-instrumentalist Ashkelon Sain. A must-have for all fans, and a truly awe inspiring starting point for new listeners.

Press Quotes:
“A transfixing, opiate infused soundscape which absolutely drowns the listener in absinthe ecstasy.” – Emerald Zine (Kingston, PA)

“Trance To The Sun have exploded the goth paradigm beyond recognition… these nine songs move with knight-like stealth and elegance.” – Alternative Press (USA)

“This is a generous disc of drama & dark seductions that travels unlit catacombs which many of goth’s practitioners fear to explore.” – The Music Advocate (Albany, NY)

“Each of these 9 tracks is equally as excellent as the next.” – Nightshift Magazine (USA)

“The voice of Zoë Alexandra Wakefield has gained enormously in forms of expression since the previous album.” Sonic Seducer (Germany)

“Zoë Alexandra Wakefield provides the material for which nightmares are made, and dreams explode into a vast sea of reality.” – Night Magazine (Atlanta)

“The sounds are swirling, engulfing…” – Ninth Wave (Toronto)

Vocals: Zoë Alexandra Wakefield.
EMU Morpheus Synthesizer: Lucian S. Donato.
Violins: Anna Schott.
Instruments: Ashkelon Sain..

Remastered in 2021 by Doug Krebs.

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