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1. Jezebel (Gene Vincent Cover)
2. Christine (Siouxsie Cover)
3. Universe Control Static IV
4. Power
5. Phantom
6. (Nemo Bridge…)
7. Journal Left Out In The Rain
8. The Strangeness Of You
9. Sorrow ~ Colours (Pink Floyd / Sisters Of Mercy Mashup Cover)
10. (…Time Traveler)

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The exquisite vocal talents and lush 12 string guitar accoutrements of Dorian Cambell (Sumerland) meet the instruments and production scapes of Ashkelon Sain (Trance To The Sun, etc.) to form DEVOURED BY FLOWERS. Phantom Time Traveller is their second release, following their much acclaimed debut “Moonscape Hotel”.

Phantom Time Traveler is a musical journey that conjures up the sort of pivotal moments in life that leave a strong impression for mysterious reasons. It might be a childhood memory of a gazebo in the park. Or it might be visions of youthful words bleeding down the page of a journal that’s been left out in the rain. Or it could simply be the timeless imprint of having experienced and understood the infinity of nature and how it corresponds to the soul journey. This is the very thing that happens during naturistic meditations deep in the hills of central Oregon, and, presumably, in many other locations as well.

The cover art features a photo of Comet Neowise from when it passed by Earth in July of 2020, captured by Oregon photographer Lester Tsai.

The CD includes a gatefold ecowallet with lyrics, as well as a limited edition photo booklet.

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