Black tape for a blue girl: June 2014 Studio Access

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1. six: thirteen (mix 7) 04:43
2. sam rosenthal – six: thirteen (stretch mix 8) 30:00
3. sam rosenthal – isotope (mix 1 – from six: thirteen) 01:27:46
4. sam rosenthal – isotope (new mix, 7 – from six: thirteen) 01:30:00
5. sam rosenthal – six: thirteen (stretch mix 1) 30:39

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Download 4+ hours of new soundscapes & the track-in-progress. It’s free at Bandcamp.

Watch the one-minute video at YouTube

black tape for a blue girl grants studio access

Legendary America darkwave act Black tape for a blue girl has been releasing albums since 1986: 10 studio discs of their original take on ethereal, minimalism, goth rock, darkwave, and neoclassical. Today, founder, songwriter and keyboardist Sam Rosenthal announces the band is providing free digital studio access to new songs in progress.

“My friend was over a few days ago,” Sam comments, “and she asked me what music I’d been working on. I played her a new track and she said she wanted a copy so she could listen to it while she was programming. I was wondering to myself if I should share it, because it’s still a work in progress. And yet, I kind of want to share it so fans can hear where I’m at, as I work on new material. I find the stages along the way to be quite interesting! You can listen to my music like you’re in the studio while I’m creating it.”

Sam continues, “Tori, a fan of the band, emailed in response to this idea, ‘For me, hearing the underlying sounds that make up a Blacktape track is kind of like seeing brushstrokes in a painting.’ I would add, that you are seeing the brushstrokes before the painter adds the characters to the foreground.”

“Six: Thirteen” is available for free download through the Blacktape’s Bandcamp site, along with two half-hour “stretch” versions and two hour-and-a-half soundscape tracks titled “Isotope.” Fans can choose to pay for the tracks or acquire them free.

A fascinating chance to be in on the creative process with one of the scene’s original acts.

Download 4+ hours of new soundscapes & the track in progress. It’s free at Bandcamp.

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