Various Artists: Gothic Compilation Volume 62 2-CD


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Artist/Track Listing CD 1:
1. Megaherz-Himmelsstürmer
2. Ewigheim-Tanz um dein Leben
3. Qntal-Tenacious Love
4. Untoten-Neverland
5. Neue Liebe-Quiet as a Knife
6. Polaroid Kiss-Pay your Dues
7. Coronatus-Schnee & Rosen
8. Lyriel-Numbers
9. Feuerseele-Alptraum
10. Death Valley High-How2Kill
11. Black Map-Eyes on the Prize
12. Vlad in Tears-Glad to be dead
13. Aeon Sable-Visions
14. Merciful Nuns-The Maelstrom(33 Grade)
15. Songs of Lemuria-Einhorn
16. Kontrast-Karussell
17. All the Ashes-Implantat

1. [:SITD:]-Dunkelziffer
2. LeaetherStrip-The Gift
3. Sara Noxx-Heart in the Snow(Flake rmx)
4. Irrlicht-La course des rats(clubmix)
5. !Distain-Where in this World(elektrofish rmx)
6. Binary Park-A higher Mind
7. Paranoid Android-Running out
8. Mindstrip-Lose you
9. Love-I walk alone(alone in the club rmx)
10. Hydroxie-Stirb noch nicht
11. NordarR-Ich bin (Orange Sector rmx)
12. Menschdefekt-Armageddon
13. BhamBhamHara-Wir feiern(clubmx)
14. NZ-Nothing but Yourself)
15. Ruined Conflict-Impulse
16. SHIV-R-Eye of the Needle
17. Circuito Cerrado-Shit happens

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German Import – Vol. 62 of the world’s leading gothic compilation, featuring the second half of 2014’s greatest Gothic, Wave and Electro hits on 2 CDs! 34 tracks on 2CDs. As always, CD1 is dedicated to Wave/Gothic, while CD2 features the latest electro/industrial hits.

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