Pietro Zollo: Fragmented Patterns (Digital)

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1 observation
2 reflection
3 introspection
4 emotion
5 imagination
6 connection
7 revision
8 transformation

Genres: Ambient, Experimental, Minimal
For Fans of: William Basinski, H.U.V.A Network, Stelladrone, Rutger Zuydervelt

Italian sound artist Pietro Zollo’s second Projekt release contains eight tracks crafted from minimal patterns and fragments of melody. The beautiful and melancholic minimalist ambience envelops and engages, creating an environment for deep introspection.

Fan Mario1984 wrote about Pietro’s 2023 album April: “Pietro Zollo is one of the finest musicians in the modern ambient genre. Music to listen to when the mind is quiet and silent, and there’s no past nor future: just the eternal present moment. Another gem in the gorgeous Projekt Records catalogue.”

Pietro describes: “I start with a simple pattern, preferably a piano sound, and I let it loop without ever interrupting it. The continuous repetition turns simplicity into complexity and inspires me to add other fragments, seeking a sonic balance between ‘clean’ and ‘strident’ sounds which blanket the initial pattern. This way of working leads me to total absorption and captivation with what I hear; it’s a kind of ritual to add these pieces on a continuous basis. As I listen, the music gives me suggestions which I would call abstract, because there is no objective or precise reference to reality. This process submerges me in a magical moment in which all these fragments make sense together and the music matches my mood, revealing my intention.”

The sonic textures evolve fluidly over the album’s fifty minutes, evoking introspection, emotion, imagination, reflections, and fractured memories. Concluding with the nostalgic longing for a “transformation” that has yet to occur: consciousness gently drifting forwards from this encompassing experience.

Projekt release: June 21, 2024

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