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1 Mysterious Wind
2 Spirits
3 Cosmic Serenity
4 Forest
5 Sky Blue
6 Reflection

Genres: Ambient, New Age, Drone

Buenos Aires-based Gustavo Denouard joins Projekt with Mysterious Wind. His luminous, relaxing and contemplative atmospheres float upon minimalist and hypnotic ambient drones.

“Sometimes life behaves like the wind,” Gus reflects. “It pushes and destroys. He whispers something, but it is not understood. The mysteries of life and wind have much in common: cold, hard, strong and swirling. On this album I take the listener to meditation and reflection. These six tracks show a moment in my life where I had to lock myself in to think. Reflection, serenity, forest, mystery are words I used in the track titles to represent that disconnect from everyday life.”

After growing tired of years of playing synthesizers in rock and pop bands, Gustavo decided in 2020 to venture into electronic music, “to immerse myself in something more personal. For me at 49 years old, making music is something liberating. It is medicine for the body and soul. I like the way my music develops intuitively and almost organically like a tree with multiple branches stemming from the same roots.”

“I conceived these pieces during a time when I was living in my country house — a small house far from my home city of Buenos Aires. In the country everything is silent and calm. The forest that surrounds my humble abode lets the sun in in the morning, and this is my favorite time to compose. The cold days and strong wind dominated as some ideas arose. The creative doors opened in that place. I was there for three months and developed the sketches and recordings that took shape later in my home studio. Everything that happened in that place helped me to be calm with myself; that peace is in every detail of my new album.”


Mysterious Wind was created with hardware and software synthesizers. The instruments used were Korg Wavestate, Nord Lead 2x, Behringer Deepmind 6 and some Arturia VSTs. Gustavo reflects, “In the composition and recording process I recorded layers over layers. Always playing each synth line. Every time I sat in front of my equipment I had to be in tune with everything going on around me in this beautiful place. That made every sound have meaning on this album. Every tone, noise and frequency has a personal meaning. These show tension, calm, mystery and also reflection. I needed to express my inner feelings with music, with sounds and I think that every detail describes this instant in my life.”


Recorded between July 2023 and February 2024, Mysterious Wind is the 7th studio album by the Argentine ambient artist and his first on Projekt Records. All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Gustavo Denouard (Microscope White Noise).

Projekt release: June 28, 2024

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